CISO: Guide to Onboard Yourself

No two CISO jobs are the same. This guide is designed to scale for security leadership from the enterprise down to the startup.

People cling to this notion of “first 90 days” in a new job. Sometimes it’s “first 100 days.” In some cases, it’s just referred to as “onboarding.”

Countless articles, opinions, books, and lists have been written about what to do in your “First [#] Days” at your new job. I have read many of them. Too many of them.

So, I’ll be the first to point the finger at myself and groan for writing another. But that’s exactly what I did. And I did it as a mindmap. Because that’s how my overloaded brain consumes best. There’s a good chance that I’ve covered some items that you’ve read in other guides. And I’d be concerned if I didn’t repeat a thing or three. This onboarding guide was written for the CISO. Many of its principles apply to other leadership roles.

What would you add? Change? Want more of?

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