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The Office of the CISO framework integrates the (increasingly expected) elements of ‘executive’ in the context of the CISO function. CISOs are more impactful, and their programs are more effective; when they are delivering at a higher caliber of ‘executive.’

Introduction: The CISO Is Also An “Office.”

As we enter 2022, cybersecurity continues to challenge corporations and…

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Oh hey.

It’s January and you’re thinking about your personal “brand.”

But uh, what’s that even mean?

Especially in 2021…

  • In a remote-first company?
  • In Cybersecurity?
  • In any industry?

“Brand” is 3 things:

  1. Career Path: Where we’ve been and where we want to go.
  2. Leadership Style: How we deliver and execute.
  3. Message and Tone: How we communicate which messages.

No two CISO jobs are the same. This guide is designed to scale for security leadership from the enterprise down to the startup.

People cling to this notion of “first 90 days” in a new job. Sometimes it’s “first 100 days.” In some cases, it’s just referred to as “onboarding.”

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In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a desperate shortage of platelets and also plasma for the blood banks and hospitals. Below are specific recommendations for potential donors to prepare for and to donate blood Covid-Safely.

This list was adapted from advice and guidance provided by The World…

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